Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cleaning Challenges in Schools and Busy Hallways

Keeping a learning environment clean has its own set of challenges. That's why Clarke® works hard to bring you reliable cleaning equipment to meet your daily cleaning demands day-in and day-out.

Here are some ways to give your school a True Blue Clean:

1. Do more with less. Keep it cleaner and safer for staff and students.

We know you face tight budgets, staff shortages and equipment breakdowns. Plan ahead by reviewing your cleaning programs and equipment inventory with your cleaning crew. This could be the year to try new cleaning solutions designed to boost productivity and provide a cleaner clean every time. Read more >

See the solutions Clarke® has to offer and request a demo today!

2. Bring in green cleaning ideas for busy learning environments that can help everybody feel good.

Even if it’s not a major focus for your facilities maintenance program, adopting green cleaning practices early on will protect student and staff health and support a more sustainable future.

Find out what laws and programs are working so far in the global green schools movement. Read more > Green Cleaning Initiatives for HealthierSchools: Promoting Student Health And Sustainable Cleaning

3. Implement best practices to keep education environments clean and lower absenteeism.

You can learn more about cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting best practices in the NEA Healthy Futures video series, “Clean Schools, Healthy Schools.” Read more > Clean Schools: Help KeepYour Students, Staff, and Building Healthy

Provide your crew with cleaning tools and technology they can count on to overcome those everyday challenges.

Clarke MA10™ 12E: 

The scrubber that cleans those hard-to-reach spaces the first time so you know germs and dirt are gone for good.
If you’re looking for a machine to replace the traditional mop and bucket and bring your cleaning into the 21st Century, then look no further than the Clarke MA10™ 12E Upright Scrubber. Find out more >

BOOST® scrubber technology:

BOOST® scrubber technology can help you reach a true blue clean in education and healthcare environments. Reduce the chemicals, water and time spent using smart and reliable cleaning tools. Watch video to learn more >

Clarke SA40™ scrubber:

The new SA40™ stand-on scrubber makes daytime cleaning possible. By providing a quiet mode option with sound levels lower than competitive machines, the Clarke SA40™ scrubber overcomes the challenges of cleaning busy hallways and aisles. Download a brochure now >

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