Friday, March 4, 2016

To Clean Highly Congested Areas, You Need the Right Tool

With more facilities moving away from overnight cleaning and turning to daytime cleaning, this can have both positive and negative effects for building service and janitorial staffs. Sure you don’t have to work the long overnight hours and you can spend more time with your family, but you also have to deal with the added congestion of facility staff and clientele. While the staff and clientele understand the need for a clean facility and appreciate the staff that does it, they don’t appreciate the noise of a traditional upright vacuum when they are trying to tend to the business at hand. How many times has building service staff heard, “Can you possibly come back and do that later,” when they are trying to complete their work?  Not to mention the hassle of trying to maneuver a traditional upright vacuum in a high traffic area, it can be challenging. It makes the task longer and less efficient. So what to do? Do you give up on daytime cleaning and all of its perks or do you find another solution? If you answered find another solution, then you’ve come to the right place! Ditch that traditional upright vacuum for the compact elegance of the Comfort Pak Vac.

Why is the Comfort Pak Vac better for high congestion areas?

Instead of a traditional upright vacuum it is a back pack vacuum, so no more difficulty trying to maneuver through crowds. It is comfortable, lightweight and once on moves as one with your body. Since it is fully adjustable to various heights and sizes, anyone on your staff can use it comfortably. There is also a premium shoulder kit with more shoulder padding for extra comfort (all exclusive to the Comfort Pak). You also get a cool utility belt with a cord clip where you can store the brush and crevice tool. The vacuum hose locks in place on the cover so it won’t fall out when the unit is in use and allows you to pick it up by the hose without it disconnecting and crashing your unit to the floor. Plus, the exhaust port is located at the rear bottom and vents the air up and away; which means in a less congested environment you can set it down and use it like a canister vacuum without fear of it over heating, so in a sense it is basically a two-in-one vacuum.

That sounds great, but what about the motor noise issue?

When turned on the motor ramps up slowly causing less disturbances and annoyed side-long glances in your direction. Once it is running it is the quietest unit in its class with a sound level of 62 dB A (also all exclusive to the Comfort Pak), which is slightly less than normal speech at a distance of 3-feet. Equipped with a 1,300 watt motor that is optimal for dirt, dust and sand removal from carpets; you will wonder how such a powerful vacuum could be so quiet.

Is it "green?"

Absolutely, it has the CRI Seal of Approval and an optional HEPA cartridge to help improve air door air quality. Not to mention, a sealable dust bag that will prevent unwanted dust and debris from puffing up into your face when you change the bag (another Comfort Pak exclusive).

Whether you think this all sounds good or too good to be true, contact one of our dealers and try it out for yourself. Once you have it on your back and take it for a test run, you'll wonder how you ever vacuumed without it.

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