Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Back to school cleaning challenges in schools and busy hallways

As the summer winds down, it’s time to plan ahead for the challenges that come with a new school year. Keeping a learning environment clean has its own set of challenges. Clarke is working hard this year to bring you reliable cleaning equipment to meet your daily cleaning demands day-in and day-out.

Here’s some ways to kick off the new school year and get a True Blue Clean:
1. Do more with less. Keep it cleaner and safer for staff and students.

We know you face tight budgets, staff shortages and equipment breakdowns. Plan ahead by reviewing your cleaning programs and equipment inventory with your cleaning crew. This could be the year to try new cleaning solutions designed to boost productivity and provide a cleaner clean every time. Read more >

See the solutions Clarke® has to offer and request a demo: http://www.clarkeus.com/trueblue/

2. Bring in green cleaning ideas for busy learning environments that can help everybody feel good.

Even if it’s not a major focus for your facilities maintenance program, adopting green cleaning practices early on will protect student and staff health and support a more sustainable future.

Find out what laws and programs are working so far in the global green schools movement. Read more > Green Cleaning Initiatives for HealthierSchools: Promoting Student Health And Sustainable Cleaning

3. Implement best practices to keep education environments clean and lower absenteeism. 

You can learn more about cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting best practices in the NEA Healthy Futures video series, “Clean Schools, Healthy Schools.” Read more > Clean Schools: Help KeepYour Students, Staff, and Building Healthy

Provide your crew with cleaning tools and technology they can count on to overcome those everyday challenges.

Clarke MA10™ 12E: The scrubber that cleans those hard-to-reach spaces the first time so you know germs and dirt are gone for good.
If you’re looking for a machine to replace the traditional mop and bucket and bring your cleaning into the 21st Century, then look no further than the Clarke MA10™ 12E Upright Scrubber. Find out more >

BOOST® scrubber technology can help you reach a true blue clean in education and healthcare environments.
Reduce the chemicals, water and time spent using smart and reliable cleaning tools. Watch video to learn more >

The new SA40™ stand-on scrubber makes daytime cleaning possible.
By providing a quiet mode option with sound levels lower than competitive machines, the Clarke SA40™ scrubber overcomes the challenges of cleaning busy hallways and aisles. Download a brochure now >

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

When cleaning budgets are tight, you need strong floor cleaning equipment.

Reliable floor-cleaning equipment that gets the job done right the first time can help cut your facility's cost to clean. 

 Shrinking budgets have become a harsh reality for many facilities. Usually, when belts tighten, everything is put under review, and there are bound to be financial cuts. This means there isn’t always the time or money available to deal with unreliable or ineffective cleaning equipment. When it comes to getting the most out of your cost to clean, every job should be done quickly and effectively, leaving more time to complete other tasks.

When Anchorage, AK, school district manager, Don Hargraves, was faced with significant cuts, everyone got together to help make it work. Our workers responded positively. They stepped up their game, and I’m very proud of them. I think our buildings are maintained to a very high standard today. When I hear, on a national basis, news reports of how some school buildings are falling into disrepair, that is not happening in the Anchorage School District. We have some beautiful facilities. They’re clean, and they’re safe. They’re great places for kids to go, and we don’t have to worry about kids getting sick.”

Shrinking budgets like the ones faced in Anchorage are why facility managers everywhere constantly search for ways to save money. Floor cleaning equipment, however, is a vital part of most cleaning programs, so you need to make sure you’re getting the best possible value by taking every possible concern into consideration. 

Clean should be seen, not heard.

There are economic advantages to daytime cleaning, but in order to have an effective daytime-cleaning program, a machine with an acceptable sound level is imperative. With quiet-running floor cleaning equipment, operators can work without disturbing those going about their business during regular work hours, and they can do so under natural light and better visibility. This eliminates the need for potentially costly artificial lighting your maintenance staff would need for nighttime cleaning, saving money and energy.

Reduce chemical usage.

Most facility managers are open to ideas for cutting back on chemicals. Cleaning equipment that is capable of adjustable solution flow are ideal for this very thing. The ability to avoid using chemicals in areas that simply don’t need them, or don’t need as much, not only saves money, but also helps minimize the environmental impact and health risks that can come with chemical use.

Find the right floor machine.

All too often, facilities end up using floor cleaning equipment that isn’t meant to perform for the application. It’s simple: if a big facility is using a small machine, the amount of time and energy required for effective cleaning increases. If a small facility uses a big machine that can’t fit into small spaces, requiring more hand cleaning, floor scrubbing can become more of a chore than it needs to be. So, taking the time to make sure you’ve got the machine with the right level of performance can pay off big in the long run.

Fortunately, there’s a trusted, durable and reliable brand of floor machines that covers nearly every floor cleaning need for every type of facility, making life easier for budget-conscious facility managers and their hard-working cleaning staff. To get a free demo at your facility, visit ClarkeUS.com/TrueBlue. 


The Anchorage, AK, school district faced serious budget cuts, yet the expectations for cleanliness remained high. (link)

Sometimes cleaning chemicals can do more harm than good. (link)

Choosing the right cleaning equipment for your facility can end up saving time and money. (link)

Friday, March 4, 2016

To Clean Highly Congested Areas, You Need the Right Tool

With more facilities moving away from overnight cleaning and turning to daytime cleaning, this can have both positive and negative effects for building service and janitorial staffs. Sure you don’t have to work the long overnight hours and you can spend more time with your family, but you also have to deal with the added congestion of facility staff and clientele. While the staff and clientele understand the need for a clean facility and appreciate the staff that does it, they don’t appreciate the noise of a traditional upright vacuum when they are trying to tend to the business at hand. How many times has building service staff heard, “Can you possibly come back and do that later,” when they are trying to complete their work?  Not to mention the hassle of trying to maneuver a traditional upright vacuum in a high traffic area, it can be challenging. It makes the task longer and less efficient. So what to do? Do you give up on daytime cleaning and all of its perks or do you find another solution? If you answered find another solution, then you’ve come to the right place! Ditch that traditional upright vacuum for the compact elegance of the Comfort Pak Vac.

Why is the Comfort Pak Vac better for high congestion areas?

Instead of a traditional upright vacuum it is a back pack vacuum, so no more difficulty trying to maneuver through crowds. It is comfortable, lightweight and once on moves as one with your body. Since it is fully adjustable to various heights and sizes, anyone on your staff can use it comfortably. There is also a premium shoulder kit with more shoulder padding for extra comfort (all exclusive to the Comfort Pak). You also get a cool utility belt with a cord clip where you can store the brush and crevice tool. The vacuum hose locks in place on the cover so it won’t fall out when the unit is in use and allows you to pick it up by the hose without it disconnecting and crashing your unit to the floor. Plus, the exhaust port is located at the rear bottom and vents the air up and away; which means in a less congested environment you can set it down and use it like a canister vacuum without fear of it over heating, so in a sense it is basically a two-in-one vacuum.

That sounds great, but what about the motor noise issue?

When turned on the motor ramps up slowly causing less disturbances and annoyed side-long glances in your direction. Once it is running it is the quietest unit in its class with a sound level of 62 dB A (also all exclusive to the Comfort Pak), which is slightly less than normal speech at a distance of 3-feet. Equipped with a 1,300 watt motor that is optimal for dirt, dust and sand removal from carpets; you will wonder how such a powerful vacuum could be so quiet.

Is it "green?"

Absolutely, it has the CRI Seal of Approval and an optional HEPA cartridge to help improve air door air quality. Not to mention, a sealable dust bag that will prevent unwanted dust and debris from puffing up into your face when you change the bag (another Comfort Pak exclusive).

Whether you think this all sounds good or too good to be true, contact one of our dealers and try it out for yourself. Once you have it on your back and take it for a test run, you'll wonder how you ever vacuumed without it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Stealing the Show in Las Vegas

Looking back at ISSA Interclean 2015

With over 16,000 suppliers, exhibitors and cleaning experts packed into the world's largest trade show floor in the cleaning industry, Las Vegas was the center of the cleaning world from Oct 20-23. It was the perfect venue to unveil one of the most innovative Clarke floor machines in a long time. 

The Clarke FM40 LX Floor Machine:
Compact Power. Versatile Performance.

 Even though the FM40 is a compact machine, show attendees saw how the quiet-running 1.5-hp motor along with a low-vibration 3,540-RPM pad driver packs a major punch. Add 160lbs of down-pressure and the FM40 can clean more in fewer passes, reducing both your cost-to-clean and strain on your operators. The Clarke FM40 is designed to save hours of manual labor, but perhaps its best feature is how it can be quickly broken down into easy-to-lift pieces for simple transport between jobs.

At Clarke we’re always looking for new innovations that can help cut cleaning costs and make your job easier. Learn more about Clarke and see our entire line of legendary floor machines at ClarkeUS.com.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blue has never been so green thanks to BOOST®.

The benefits of using Clarke: Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we touched upon a few big benefits of using Clarke products. One of those benefits was Clarke's leap forward into green cleaning. Unfortunately, they maybe aren't as good or effective as the tried-and-true conventional products we've come to know and love. This belief may still hold true in certain categories, but we're proud to say that high quality cleaning equipment is definitely not one of them. In fact, thanks to Clarke's advent of BOOST® technology, green cleaning is more effective than ever.

Actually, BOOST® is green on several different levels. First and foremost, it features a super-efficient square-shaped scrubber, which seems simple enough, but is really quite unique within the industry. Traditional round, spinning pads don't always make full contact with the floor, requiring multiple passes that result in higher water and electricity consumption. Clarke's Random Orbital Movement Technology's square pad vibrates in multiple directions. There's no spinning, and the scrubbing pad can get right up into the corners, saving hours of manual hand scrubbing and preventing a lot of backaches.

Then there's the amount of water it uses. BOOST® can cut your water and chemical use by up to 70%, giving operators the luxury of fewer dumps, loads, and once again, backaches. It works by giving total operator control over the amount of water and chemicals used within a given area; a heavier flow for more soiled areas and a lighter flow for lower-traffic areas. Simple, and it's a sign the high tech cleaning is, in many ways, going back to basics. 

BOOST® uses one-touch controls that are extremely operator-friendly. 

To go even greener, BOOST uses only a fraction of the battery power of many of its cleaning equipment predecessors. Recent advancements in battery technology allow for shorter charge time and longer use between charges. This doesn’t simply equate to more cleaning time and less waiting time, but also far less electricity consumption. It’s better for the environment and even better for your bottom line.

The future of floor cleaning is definitely bright and shiny thanks to the application of BOOST technology from Clarke. People are becoming more aware of how much water and energy they’re using and more conscious of what we’re putting down our drains. Now you can feel better knowing that you’re making a solid financial decision and a responsible environmental decision, all while ensuring your facilities are as clean as they can possibly be.

To find out more about how Clarke can help you cut your cost to clean, visit Clarkeus.com and view our selection of hard working floor machines.


Monday, October 12, 2015

The Dawn of a Cleaner Era

Top Cleaning Trends for the 2nd Half of 2015

The past couple decades have been quite a ride for facility managers and cleaning services around the world. We’ve seen major technological leaps, the implementation of new cleaning methods, economic highs followed by deep lows, but maybe what’s most important is how much we’ve learned. The cleaning industry is becoming smarter because its people are paying attention and adapting. This present moment is no exception, because when it comes to cleaning, we definitely live in interesting times. 

Here are just a few trends to think about: 

Construction is Booming

According to the Dodge Construction Outlook , we can expect to see an overall cleaning increase of about 15%. Institutional construction (schools, prisons, etc…) could increase by 9%, manufacturing construction by 16% and healthcare facilities will increase by 9% as well. These are significant numbers, especially considering that new facility managers typically require new cleaning equipment and supplies. The implication is that the future is looking bright for janitorial supply companies. 

 Green is Now the Norm

It wasn’t that long ago that green cleaning was a new concept. While many facility managers were eager to make environmentally sustainable choices, it was costly. Worse yet, it was perceived as being not as effective as conventional cleaning methods. That’s changing. Green seal certified detergents and environmentally preferred equipment are now widely available to help building owners and facility managers meet LEED green clean requirements. Since 1994, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications have helped guide those same people into making environmentally sustainable decisions. In fact, since it’s inception, LEED standards have been used on upwards of 7,000 projects in the U.S., along with 30 other countries, covering over 1.5 billion square feet.

According to many in the industry, green janitorial services are becoming the new norm.

The Market Seems to be Rebounding
The Great Recession was a tough time for most Americans, and much of the world for that matter. In August of 2008, we all watched in dismay as the market fell apart. Factories and facilities closed as jobs were outsourced, which meant that the amount of space that needed cleaning was outsourced along with it. Luckily, in 2010 things began to turn around to the point that, today, things are picking up dramatically. 

The Economics of Ergonomics

Cleaning and maintenance staff are putting more into their work than just a little elbow grease. We can’t forget about back and knee grease, too. But, years of hard work combined with improper posture and/or lugging around cumbersome equipment can lead to lost revenue in the form of medical costs and sick days. This is why cleaning equipment manufacturers are focusing so intently on operator comfort. Not only does it increase productivity and help prevent injuries, it just plain feels better. This is why ergonomically correct equipment will be opening new doors for facility managers everywhere in coming years.

Of course, these four trends are only scratching the surface of what’s going on. Everyday, researchers are putting new innovations to the test, and eventually putting a lot of them on the job. At the very least, these trends are a small taste of what’s to come. As we stated before, when it comes to cleaning, we live in exciting times, indeed.

To find out how Clarke is helping cleaning technology to evolve, visit Clarkeus.com.