Monday, February 25, 2013

Clarke Clean Track 18 Extractor

Clarke's Clean Track® Series dramatically doubles productivity, improves cleaning performance, and features excellent ergonomic safety in carpet extraction. Featuring a large capacity, patented ergonomic design, low sound levels, and a hard floor tool option allowing you to scrub hard surface floors. The Wash & Rinse® feature on the 18 model gets carpets cleaner by washing and clean-water rinsing - all in one pass. Earning CRI's Seal of Approval, Clean Track excels in recovering soil and water while retaining the original texture of the carpet fibers. The Clean Track® series has also been certified as a green machine, featuring an ergonomic waist belt that reduces stress, strain and impact on the operator and increases productivity

Monday, February 18, 2013

Green Cleaning Programs Offer Greater Efficiency As Part Of Overall Sustainability Plan

This article was originally published in Building Operating Management.

Green cleaning programs require a lot of time and attention to make sure they're done right. Making your green cleaning program part of your overall sustainability plan can offer greater efficiency than having it stand alone. With so many different pieces involved, the chances are good that building occupants, an outside contractor, or both will add layers of complexity when it comes to making sure that everything is cleaned in an environmentally responsible way, yet still done to the satisfaction of the facility manager.

With all of these factors in play, it can be tempting to put your green cleaning program in its own little box and not think of it as part of your overall sustainability goals. However, incorporating it into your overall plan offers up opportunities that would otherwise be missed, says Steve Ashkin, CEO, Sustainability Dashboard Tools.

"Sometimes we forget that the janitors can do things other than cleaning that can help the owners and managers meet their broader sustainability objectives," he says.

Regardless of whether you hire a contractor or clean in-house, having a comprehensive, detailed cleaning plan that is rooted in your overall sustainability goals goes a long way toward helping you meet them.

Read the full article here to learn more green cleaning programs.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Clarke MicroRider Scrubber ISSA 2012

The Clarke Focus® II MicroRider™ is a small, easily maneuverable machine that is designed to clean the areas that are inaccessible with larger riders—including those with limited access or tight corners. Yet, with a 26 or 28 inch deck, the Focus II MicroRider offers a wide cleaning path for maximum productivity in your larger cleaning areas.

Monday, February 4, 2013

How To Brighten VCT Tile

How do you brighten dull and stained VCT tile?

Brightening stained tiles is usually accomplished through use of specific chemicals. For example, there are special spray buff products designed to be used with floor machines that can help bring back shine or remove stains from VCT tile. In addition to the chemical angle you can also use auto scrubbers that can remove embedded dirt and discoloration by removing the top layers of finish from your floor.

Typically, the dullness and staining is embedded only in the top layers so by removing these dirty layers of finish you can apply a two to three new coats and return your floor to a much better appearance. In cases where the stain has penetrated deep in to the floor finish a chemical strip out may be required.

— Scott Keller, vertical market manager–commercial buildings, Bob Abrams, product manager, Brian Simmons, product manager, Clarke, Plymouth, Minn.