Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blue has never been so green thanks to BOOST®.

The benefits of using Clarke: Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we touched upon a few big benefits of using Clarke products. One of those benefits was Clarke's leap forward into green cleaning. Unfortunately, they maybe aren't as good or effective as the tried-and-true conventional products we've come to know and love. This belief may still hold true in certain categories, but we're proud to say that high quality cleaning equipment is definitely not one of them. In fact, thanks to Clarke's advent of BOOST® technology, green cleaning is more effective than ever.

Actually, BOOST® is green on several different levels. First and foremost, it features a super-efficient square-shaped scrubber, which seems simple enough, but is really quite unique within the industry. Traditional round, spinning pads don't always make full contact with the floor, requiring multiple passes that result in higher water and electricity consumption. Clarke's Random Orbital Movement Technology's square pad vibrates in multiple directions. There's no spinning, and the scrubbing pad can get right up into the corners, saving hours of manual hand scrubbing and preventing a lot of backaches.

Then there's the amount of water it uses. BOOST® can cut your water and chemical use by up to 70%, giving operators the luxury of fewer dumps, loads, and once again, backaches. It works by giving total operator control over the amount of water and chemicals used within a given area; a heavier flow for more soiled areas and a lighter flow for lower-traffic areas. Simple, and it's a sign the high tech cleaning is, in many ways, going back to basics. 

BOOST® uses one-touch controls that are extremely operator-friendly. 

To go even greener, BOOST uses only a fraction of the battery power of many of its cleaning equipment predecessors. Recent advancements in battery technology allow for shorter charge time and longer use between charges. This doesn’t simply equate to more cleaning time and less waiting time, but also far less electricity consumption. It’s better for the environment and even better for your bottom line.

The future of floor cleaning is definitely bright and shiny thanks to the application of BOOST technology from Clarke. People are becoming more aware of how much water and energy they’re using and more conscious of what we’re putting down our drains. Now you can feel better knowing that you’re making a solid financial decision and a responsible environmental decision, all while ensuring your facilities are as clean as they can possibly be.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Dawn of a Cleaner Era

Top Cleaning Trends for the 2nd Half of 2015

The past couple decades have been quite a ride for facility managers and cleaning services around the world. We’ve seen major technological leaps, the implementation of new cleaning methods, economic highs followed by deep lows, but maybe what’s most important is how much we’ve learned. The cleaning industry is becoming smarter because its people are paying attention and adapting. This present moment is no exception, because when it comes to cleaning, we definitely live in interesting times. 

Here are just a few trends to think about: 

Construction is Booming

According to the Dodge Construction Outlook , we can expect to see an overall cleaning increase of about 15%. Institutional construction (schools, prisons, etc…) could increase by 9%, manufacturing construction by 16% and healthcare facilities will increase by 9% as well. These are significant numbers, especially considering that new facility managers typically require new cleaning equipment and supplies. The implication is that the future is looking bright for janitorial supply companies. 

 Green is Now the Norm

It wasn’t that long ago that green cleaning was a new concept. While many facility managers were eager to make environmentally sustainable choices, it was costly. Worse yet, it was perceived as being not as effective as conventional cleaning methods. That’s changing. Green seal certified detergents and environmentally preferred equipment are now widely available to help building owners and facility managers meet LEED green clean requirements. Since 1994, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications have helped guide those same people into making environmentally sustainable decisions. In fact, since it’s inception, LEED standards have been used on upwards of 7,000 projects in the U.S., along with 30 other countries, covering over 1.5 billion square feet.

According to many in the industry, green janitorial services are becoming the new norm.

The Market Seems to be Rebounding
The Great Recession was a tough time for most Americans, and much of the world for that matter. In August of 2008, we all watched in dismay as the market fell apart. Factories and facilities closed as jobs were outsourced, which meant that the amount of space that needed cleaning was outsourced along with it. Luckily, in 2010 things began to turn around to the point that, today, things are picking up dramatically. 

The Economics of Ergonomics

Cleaning and maintenance staff are putting more into their work than just a little elbow grease. We can’t forget about back and knee grease, too. But, years of hard work combined with improper posture and/or lugging around cumbersome equipment can lead to lost revenue in the form of medical costs and sick days. This is why cleaning equipment manufacturers are focusing so intently on operator comfort. Not only does it increase productivity and help prevent injuries, it just plain feels better. This is why ergonomically correct equipment will be opening new doors for facility managers everywhere in coming years.

Of course, these four trends are only scratching the surface of what’s going on. Everyday, researchers are putting new innovations to the test, and eventually putting a lot of them on the job. At the very least, these trends are a small taste of what’s to come. As we stated before, when it comes to cleaning, we live in exciting times, indeed.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Things to watch for at ISSA/Interclean Las Vegas 2015

This year, we'll be having a blast in Las Vegas, where the buffets never end and never close, and where the Blue Man Group never runs out of weird ideas to fascinate their audiences. But good food and great entertainment aside, the new technology and innovations that will be on display in the desert are sure to get attendees excited about the future of their cleaning programs. 

What’s new for Clarke this year?

For those interested in finding out what Clarke is up to at this year’s ISSA, the main thing to remember before attending is that Clarke will no longer have its own separate booth. Instead, Clarke will be setting up at the Nilfisk booth along with the rest of the Nilfisk family. But while this is sure to save a lot walking for ISSA attendees in Vegas, we’ve got a new product that will save time for facility managers everywhere. 

The Clarke FM40 LX
Clarke has taken a big step forward in orbital cleaning. The FM40 LX is not only powerful enough to handle the toughest jobs, its compact design allows it to clean tight spaces, and the innovative baseboard attachment can potentially save hours of manual scrubbing. But the fact that the FM40 LX is easily disassembled, and therefore easy to transport, makes this machine worth checking out at this year’s ISSA convention. The ISSA/Interclean convention couldn't have chosen a more exciting host city for 2015. 

The Clarke FM40™ LX

Click here to learn more about the Clarke FM40 LX & ST.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Better Cleaning Equipment. Stronger Bottom Line.

 The benefits of using Clarke: Part 1

It's simple math. Tougher, faster and more efficient Clarke cleaning equipment is not only going to improve your facility's image. It'll also improve your bottom line, and it doesn't take a beautiful mind to figure out that less energy consumption, less water and chemical usage, and fewer man hours equates to increased efficiency and less money down the tubes. 


Let’s start with toughness and durability. Say, for instance, you purchase low quality equipment for the simple sake of “saving money.” Just as with buying a house or a car, that would be a misguided move, because what you’ll end up spending on repairs and wasted man hours will likely far exceed the cost of just buying a better machine in the first place. You’ll end up with nothing but a lemon and a lot of regret. Buying equipment that’s built to last, especially when it’s a workhorse such as a floor scrubber, is a wise investment that will pay off far into the future.

Now, let’s talk speed. Again, not overly complicated. The faster maintenance staff can clean the total square footage of your facility, the more time they’ll have to complete other tasks. Speed alone, however, isn’t enough. Therefore, your equipment’s speed must be matched by its efficiency and its effectiveness, and Clarke understands this more than any other brand on the market.

This is why we've put so much brainpower into making sure our equipment is efficient on every level. Our main method for making this happen is through BOOST® technology, the best thing since indoor plumbing for maintenance crews everywhere. BOOST® utilizes a square-shaped scrubbing pad that cleans right up into corners, thus avoiding countless hours of manual scrubbing. It also cuts back on water and chemical use by up to 70% by giving the operator total control over how much water is distributed over a given area. This ultimately results in less time spent dumping and filling, a true luxury for any operator. 

Clarke customers get the best of both worlds when it comes to high quality floor machines. Our equipment is actually quite affordable, which may be surprising given the fact that these are some tough, effective and efficient cleaning systems. Not to mention they’re easier on the environment, which is good for everybody. So, in the end, if your goal is to clean more floor space, and do it better for less time and money, then Clarke is your best bet, by far. 

Be sure and check out part 2 of this blog post when we talk more in-depth about BOOST® and its benefits for both the operator and the environment.