Monday, September 22, 2014

Recruiting is Easier Online, Especially on Social Networks

This article was originally published in ContractingProfits.

Spreading your employee recruiting message is now significantly easier because you can use social networking tools to connect to a more desirable and broader labor pool.

According to the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of adult Internet users are members of, and regularly visit, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites open your doors to higher quality applicants because your social network connections are the people who know your company best: your existing employees, customers and vendors. When they rebroadcast your job openings, they are implicitly recommending you as an employer. By building your social networking presence, you can collect a large following of “virtual recruiters.”

Read the full article here to learn more about recruiting employees online.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How Clarke Delivers: Five Trends Impacting the Cleaning Industry

In response to an article written last year for CleanLink News discussing their top five niche trends for the cleaning industry, we've adapted each category specifically for the cleaning equipment industry. Here is how Clarke delivers in each category, ordered the same as the original article:

1. Performance

As the article referenced above points out, “Products which combine their efficiency with innovative features have an advantage in this marketplace.” While this is true for a majority of industries, it is especially so for industries that are as intensely competitive as the cleaning industry.

That’s why, in 2008, Clarke pioneered the first orbital scrubbing technology in the industry: BOOST®. By rotating a rectangular pad in a quarter-inch circular motion at 2,250 RPM, BOOST uses Orbital Scrubbing Technology to clean more efficiently. Beyond the benefit of having a squared off cleaning pad that matches the square shape of most any building space’s walls, BOOST also improves cleaning power thanks to its ability to hit dirt and grime from every angle, rather than hitting it from the same angle repeatedly like most disc-based autoscrubbers do.

2. Cost effectiveness

To meet the industry need for cost-effective equipment, Clarke is excited to introduce a number of new cleaning machines at the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum as of 2014. These new products will deliver the same high level Clarke cleaning power at a price point that is more competitive than ever.

3. Ease of use

In addition to these new 2014 Clarke products being more affordable, readers should take note that they are also among some of the simplest, most intuitive cleaning machines on the market. When Clarke facilitates equipment training schools for industry newcomers, “students” with little or no background in cleaning machine operation are encouraged to test each machine out for themselves. Those students often find the equipment extremely intuitive—from the user interface and handling to general storage and maintenance.

4. Environmental awareness

Clarke technologies like BOOST aren’t just in it for the powerful cleaning—they’re developed with an eco-friendly mindset. In the case of BOOST, operators can actually leverage it to remove floor finish without the use of costly, caustic floor chemicals. The Orbital Scrubbing motion removes floor finish with just a small amount of water applied to the floor, saving companies time and money while saving the environment from more waste.

5. Fragrances, aesthetics and packaging

While packaging may be less of a concern for most commercial cleaning equipment, Clarke does pay plenty of attention to aesthetics and smell.

For example, with the sleek, modern designs of Clarke equipment in their janitors’ closets, companies are better equipped to clean while conveying a sense of professionalism and high-tech efficiency. Sometimes replacing a mop and bucket of dirty water with a brand new Clarke autoscrubber is just the kind of face-lift a company needs to boost their professional appearance at every level of their operations.

Likewise, Clarke understands that cleaning can be a smelly, dirty job when cleaners are forced to use a conventional mop and bucket to complete the job. Even automated cleaning equipment can cause unruly smells (and unsightly appearances) if it’s not properly maintained. Fortunately, every Clarke machine is uniquely designed to optimize access to tanks, filters and other components that are prone to getting dirty, making them simple to clean and easier to keep smell free.