Thursday, March 19, 2015

Clean Schools Enhance Learning

While it’s known that the quality of educators and curriculum are vital contributors to a student’s scholastic performance, the quality of school facilities is often overlooked. Clean school buildings enhance a student’s ability to learn by keeping them healthy, attentive and present.

According to ISSA, students miss 38 million school days each year due to the influenza. And when students get sick, teachers and staff do, too. The cost of these absences is costly, both socially and economically. Frequently absent students are 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school while absentee teachers and substitute replacements cost schools more than $29 billion annually.

Proper school cleaning plays a pivotal role in the health and success of students, teachers and staff. Studies reviewed by the National Research Council found that schools will have increased attendance and test scores if the buildings are clean, dry, quiet, and have good indoor air quality. Another study reported that healthy indoor school environments contributed to an 87 percent reduction in flu, 46 percent reduction in upper respiratory problems and 67 percent reduction in Sick Building Syndrome.

The unfortunate reality is that school budgets are being cut. Schools across the country face the challenge of constrained budgets while also trying to implement improved cleaning routines. Today, more and more schools are trying to accomplish the same level of work with fewer people and fewer resources.

In an effort to overcome these resource issues, one northern California school district turned to Clarke’s innovative BOOST technology. Learn how Clarke helped the district to enhance their cleaning routine, decrease chemical use, meet sustainability objectives and create a healthier learning environment for students all while reducing labor costs.


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