Monday, March 19, 2012

BOOST® Your Cleaning Benefits: Increase Efficiency and Battery Runtimes

With conventional disc floor scrubbers, as much as 30 percent of an operator’s time during a shift is spent emptying the recovery tank and refilling the solution tank. Since these disc scrubbers can use twice the amount of solution, more dump and fills are required during a cleaning shift.

With BOOST®, you’ll experience a 15 to 20 minute labor savings for each dump and refill that’s eliminated. The BOOST’s unique pad shape also allows for close-edge cleaning without overspray, virtually eliminating additional labor steps in cleaning operations.

The reduced water usage coupled with the reduced pad pressure enables the BOOST machine to utilize the motors and battery pack more efficiently, which translates into an increased run time of up to 25 percent compared to similar disc scrubbers. By using BOOST, you can reduce the cost of battery replacement and reduce the environmental impact of battery recycling.

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  1. The 1 thing about the machine I don't like is the squeegee brackets. They are made out of Alum. & break to easy. We had to order a new one already cause it was dropped when it was being taken off. I Love the machine otherwise.