Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blue has never been so green thanks to BOOST®.

The benefits of using Clarke: Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we touched upon a few big benefits of using Clarke products. One of those benefits was Clarke's leap forward into green cleaning. Unfortunately, they maybe aren't as good or effective as the tried-and-true conventional products we've come to know and love. This belief may still hold true in certain categories, but we're proud to say that high quality cleaning equipment is definitely not one of them. In fact, thanks to Clarke's advent of BOOST® technology, green cleaning is more effective than ever.

Actually, BOOST® is green on several different levels. First and foremost, it features a super-efficient square-shaped scrubber, which seems simple enough, but is really quite unique within the industry. Traditional round, spinning pads don't always make full contact with the floor, requiring multiple passes that result in higher water and electricity consumption. Clarke's Random Orbital Movement Technology's square pad vibrates in multiple directions. There's no spinning, and the scrubbing pad can get right up into the corners, saving hours of manual hand scrubbing and preventing a lot of backaches.

Then there's the amount of water it uses. BOOST® can cut your water and chemical use by up to 70%, giving operators the luxury of fewer dumps, loads, and once again, backaches. It works by giving total operator control over the amount of water and chemicals used within a given area; a heavier flow for more soiled areas and a lighter flow for lower-traffic areas. Simple, and it's a sign the high tech cleaning is, in many ways, going back to basics. 

BOOST® uses one-touch controls that are extremely operator-friendly. 

To go even greener, BOOST uses only a fraction of the battery power of many of its cleaning equipment predecessors. Recent advancements in battery technology allow for shorter charge time and longer use between charges. This doesn’t simply equate to more cleaning time and less waiting time, but also far less electricity consumption. It’s better for the environment and even better for your bottom line.

The future of floor cleaning is definitely bright and shiny thanks to the application of BOOST technology from Clarke. People are becoming more aware of how much water and energy they’re using and more conscious of what we’re putting down our drains. Now you can feel better knowing that you’re making a solid financial decision and a responsible environmental decision, all while ensuring your facilities are as clean as they can possibly be.

To find out more about how Clarke can help you cut your cost to clean, visit and view our selection of hard working floor machines.


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  1. Clarke Boost would really be a big addition to our cleaning company who is using a cleaning facilities management software.