Friday, June 22, 2012

Clean Track® Carpet Extractors Deliver Flexible Performance for Diverse Carpet Care Requirements

The Clean Track® S16 and L18 Carpet Extractors are the newest self-contained, portable extractor offerings from Clarke. With a compact, easily-maneuverable design and a 16- or 18-inch cleaning path, the new extractors are ideal for a variety of cleaning challenges, ranging from commercial office spaces and libraries to hotel rooms and healthcare facilities.

The Clean Track extractors ensure increased productivity with industry-leading performance capabilities. Single deflector spray jet technology provides even, consistent water and chemical coverage across the cleaning path, while an aero-dynamically designed vacuum shoe removes excess water for faster carpet dry times. By eliminating unwanted solution streaks and minimizing dry time, Clean Track allows quicker room turnover and occupancy. Laminar flow technology reduces turbulence and increases water pick-up, ensuring carpets are left with a cleaner, dryer and more appealing finish.

Equipped with a larger tank capacity, wider cleaning path and Multi-Position Flip Handle, the Clean Track L18 delivers superior productivity with dual method cleaning. This allows operators to clean in pull-back mode for edge or detailed extraction in small areas or use the L18 as a walk-behind extractor to easily extract hallways and large carpeted areas.

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